Author Topic: I own Bir Tawil and now establish it as my own country  (Read 428 times)

merp thread 2021 here we go

its crazy im a dictator of my own country

We welcome you!
But you must follow our guidelines:
  • Embassy location must be at least 5 kilometers away from one of our landmark nuclear power plants.
  • Embassy location can not be more than 12 Kilometers away from either a border or the international airport.
  • Sale of consumables within all embassy's must be approved by the Candice Health, Safety and Sanitary administration.
  • Embassy must clearly be labeled for the nation of origin with atleast one flag of national origin placed at the embassy.
  • Playing Magic the Gathering outside of an Embassy within view of a Candician Citizen is strictly prohibited.
  • All light sources must be LED and be approved by the Candician National Electrical Council of Efficiency Standards.
  • Embassy must not be more than 20 Square Kilometers or 5 Kilometers by 5 Kilometers.
  • Embassy plans must also include Parking for at least 100 Vehicles, 25 Bicycles, and 13 Magic Carpets.*
  • DHL is currently banned from the Nation of Candice due to suspicious activity, no DHL Shipping will be allowed in the nation of Candice.
  • The number "15" is forbidden to say in public, or within earshot of your Embassy.
  • No Pineapple on Pizza, ever.
  • No Pizza on Pineapple, ever.
  • Don't spill liquid ass in the sewer on a national holiday or during any time or place where the Equal Chlorination Bill of 1953 is in effect.


These term's are acceptable, the nation of BBC looks forward to our new alliance with the great country of Candice

Also the Chancellor of the sovereign Nation of Bolivian Blueberry Cream hereby also recognizes the country of Sugondese
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