Author Topic: would blockland be different if rtb didnt bail out?  (Read 2047 times)

can't help but think like if RTB stayed would blockland be in a much better state?

rtb definetely made add-on sorting easier

the playerbase probably wouldn't have died out as quickly, but either way we'd be in a ghost town state right now, with maybe a few more people posting.

for RTB to still be around i'm pretty sure Blockland would've had to been still regularly updated. iirc RTB was canned because Ephialtes wasn't too happy that Blockland itself development wise just ceased after the game was greenlit

so for RTB to stick around, Blockland would've had to get more updates, which means the game would probably died out a lot slower in the first place

RTB would have greatly helped Blockland. We can see the significant impact BL glass made alone proves that RTB was needed from the beginning.