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my mom played a random ass tik tok video that had it im so loving ANGRY

last christmas indeed came on the radio today. however it was thankfully a cover so i'm still good

i wasn't even the one playing it. it was put on as music at a family gathering.
this was how i lost last year

my mom played a random ass tik tok video that had it im so loving ANGRY
I've had this exact thought today about how If I lose it will probably be me walking in my work break room to my co worker watching Christmas tiktoks

the end of whamageddon is soon... can you survive until the start of christmas eve?

I swear if I lose on Friday I'm going to commit genocide.

It’s really easy what’s your guys problems

Going christmas light watching with my family, I swear If I hear Last Christmas on the radio, I can and will scream.

EDIT: I lost, I chose not to scream.
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very lucky my work decided to go with a stuffty cover for it's corporate playlist
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haha loser
What's worse is that they played the original THEN they played a cover. Sucks, man.

feel like they were completely aware of whamageddon

last christmas just came on a music channel my mum was watching but the tv was muted so i lived bitch

whamageddon has ended. did you survive?
however, i will throw in a bonus round: get through the entirety of xmas eve without being whammed

only winners allowed in here