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I get on once or twice a month in hopes that the server list will take up the whole screen :(
ha, i used to have your avatar

u still a big bully?
maybe. surprised some ppl remember that thread lel

spent too much time as a child playing this game that got me to a point of not leaving it ever, i come back now and then but don't play it consistently like i used to back in 2011-2016
same p much. i got so excited when i saw boss battles was coming back for its 10th anniversary for a bit. i actually forgot one of the first servers i played on when i got this game in 2011 was boss battles so twas a very nostalgic experience for me

What me makes to stay is the nostalgia. It was the first true sandbox game for me where you can do anything what you want. Making friends was easy back in the golden days and the people that are still checking in on this website are true dedicated players, like me. I am waiting for that day that Badspot will make a post about Blockland being re-released on the newest version of Torque Engine (4.0 is in progress).

There are also a lot of memories that I have of Blockland. It was also the first game where I did create maps for and I loved the way how easy it was to create custom content for the game. Once I discovered Torque Constructor I was more interested in making 3d models for Blockland then building with bricks in the game. I am currently working on a standalone Blockland 0002 game where people join a mmo server and building up a civilization in a universe filled with planets. You can check it out here. Doradus is an edit of my other project Blockland Classic Mod, which is also a heavily modified version of the Blockland alpha version.

Hopefully in the future if the old Blockland retail sales are dropping to a zero point I hope it would be a free to play game so it can be preserved in the state it is. There is one thing I can think of that Blockland hasn't received much improved updates over the last four years. I think that Blockland has pretty much reached the limits of the old Torque Game Engine for improving the game.
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