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Founded in Tallahassee, FL, American Speedster was produced to provide an inexpensive solution to pedal-powered cars to everyone with PVC pipe construction, and common bicycle hardware. This pack features all of the kits that are available on the website itself.

The Karts (Click to enlarge any of the photos)

  • 6 Pedal Cars: [From left to right above] SunCoaster, Baja, Sidekick, Sidekick II, Speeder, Zephyr [pronounced zz-eh-fir]
  • Varying CVS Categories: Body, Secondary, Roof, Accessories
  • Pedal Animations: Foward motion toggles the pedals to animate (Excluding the Speeder)
  • Variable Weight: Each pedal car has the same top speed, the only difference is their acceleration via their mass values
  • Hands on Vehicle Support
  • No Engine Sound Support as these are human powered.


Requires ONLY Support_Garage to work properly

Download from Blockland Glass

Download from Blockland Online
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Needs engine sound support just for sqeaky gears and grunts from having to pedal nonstop

Now i can kickstart my Wacky Races server