Author Topic: GarageGames is gone  (Read 2793 times)

with the ancient beast felled, soon we will follow.

what a sad day. luckily the blockland archivers are hard at work getting most of the plug ins and constructor stuff.

Maybe this will prompt badspot to release modified torque engine as a tribute to them.

So does this mean age of time will no longer be updated?

we outlasted them
whoever has the list of things this game has outlived, add this

Thank god that Torque Constructor still works, even without GarageGames alive. I was already afraid that the key system would throw me out.

we are the sole survivors

i thought it died a few years ago? or am i thinking of something else

gg as a company folded years ago, but the website was up till now

I remember when marble blast ultra came out. that was a cool garagegames thing. encountered my first loveual predator on Xbox Live through that game.

Well, there goes my chances of messing with the more modern Torque engines. Sad!