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[BRICKADIA NEWS] Port, fiance of Evar, proven to like kids

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Nigel The Protagonist:

--- Quote from: Soukuw on May 09, 2022, 11:22:54 AM ---I had some interactions with port as a kid and he would ask me for photos of myself. I was looking for friends and didn't really mind showing people what I looked like but once port got a photo he wasn't willing to send a photo of himself back. This was a huge red flag for me that got me really weirded out.

For most of us weird special interest stuff makes sense, we were all 13-20 years old and horny spouting out stuff on a forum, that's not weird. What's weird is being possibly over 20 and deciding to hang out with a bunch of kids and directly get loveual with them and instigate that kind of conversation while KNOWING they're underage.

Have a said stuff I regret? Hell yeah but I was looking to talk about research with other people /my/ age. I wasn't going on roblox hunting down 12 year olds while pushing 20 trying to get photos of them.

I also somehow, either because he told me or I found it myself got "his" address and looked it up on google streetview. It was blurred out and I hadn't ever seen that so I asked him about it, he said his parents did that. I have serious doubts an older couple would have the know how or even think about how to get google to blur their house. This was a huge sign to me he might make stuff up.

I also am not the only one who felt this way, I was talking to someone else who also felt port was creepy, they said he did the same thing to them with asking for photos but not sending any back. It's really weird to see other people coming to this conclusion now.
Also who are you, you're from 2017 and shouldn't know anything about this.

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that really makes me glad i started using the forums in like 2018


--- Quote from: Nigel The Protagonist on May 09, 2022, 11:44:02 AM ---that really makes me glad i started using the forums in like 2018

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Okay I want to expand on what I just said because I don't want to just eat this stuff up and believe he was creepy without some serious proof.

Apparently in 2013 he was 15, that means the images in the docs are all when he was 13-16

this means nothing then really

Epic fail

I saw Port at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

It was bold to assume that people would actually come into this reading the entirety of the document instead of coming to their own conclusions by looking at the picture gallery and take away their already preconceived notions about Brickadia, both against and for. Unfortunately not so, as people are regurgitating counter-arguments we had directly addressed throughout the the document.

--- Quote from: Conan on May 09, 2022, 10:17:35 AM ---imagine requiring people to click a google doc instead of posting the content directly here because otherwise you can't edit the post contents

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This is just in complete bad faith.

1. There is no reason for the document to be localized to the thread. This is relevant to the state of Brickadia, it is linked here because there is community overlap. A document is a lot more accessible.

2. You can see the edit history of a google document.

--- Quote from: Soukuw on May 09, 2022, 11:54:26 AM ---Okay I want to expand on what I just said because I don't want to just eat this stuff up and believe he was creepy without some serious proof.

Apparently in 2013 he was 15, that means the images in the docs are all when he was 13-16

this means nothing then really

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In the conclusion, this fact is brought up. In 2016, Port reaffirms his attraction to shota. In 2020, Port encourages Evar to draw shotacon. The bank of evidence that is 8 years old is because as, like any teenager without social skills on the internet, he learned to not be excessively horny in public. This does not mean this behavior magically disappeared.

--- Quote from: Masterlegodude on May 09, 2022, 12:03:25 PM ---Epic fail

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I know you, like many other people in this community, are completely desensitized by the internet, but, humor me for a minute. Imagine your special interestes growing up as a horny teenager on this forum. Now imagine them now. Are they the same? Most likely so. Why would this behavior just disappear without ANY form of intervention? loveual addictions and special interestes are some of the strongest due to dopamine cycles, as we outline further in the conclusion. He is also engaged to someone who enjoys shotacon. Lasting marriages need loveual overlap, obviously. So, please, show me how in any way this behavior would just magically disappear.

What normal, well adjusted human being exclaims their constant arousal towards incest, bestiality, and children. As a teenager? I know many teenagers. I was a teenager. There are historical records of teenage interactions here. I am willing to bet a majority of you did not constantly spout about how much they are depraved, even less likely for that to just magically disappear as a reinforced behavior.

Do you want someone who admitted to enjoying this stuff, who is engaged to a shotacon artist, to police a game where children are most likely present, as stated by Wrapperup, a majority of new Brickadians are Robloxians, people mostly under 16. Imagine you have a child with unrestricted internet access. What kind of environment does someone who jerks off to incest, bestiality, and shota/loli foster if they are a major player in that community?

Obviously, this is all regurgitated and paraphrased from the actual structured arguments of the document, all these counter-arguments are diffused throughout. Please, if you wish to debate this topic, do a little more than skim through.


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