Author Topic: trying to find an old pc (educational?) game  (Read 1462 times)

so this has been invading my mind for a while, but i've been trying to remember an old pc game that i used to have installed but never got to remember the name. i've only got memory of these things from it:

-it had an animated intro sequence, it involved an alien trying to get help from a girl to find his family(?). he took her to his spaceship(?) at night.
-in the main game there was this odd looking machine with all sorts of shapes. clicking on any part of it would take you to a different "minigame". i can't remember exactly what they involved, but it was probably educational stuff by the looks of the game
-for each minigame you completed, you would unlock a part of a picture of a family member that would be presented on a screen.
-there was also a shoot-em-up sort of minigame? i can't be very sure on this one.

i've tried searching everywhere and got no results. has anyone heard of it before? or is it just one of the many fever dreams i used to have as a kid?

I didn't play many educational games, but good resources to try are r/tipofmyjoystick or r/tipofmytongue on reddit. Hopefully you find your game.

you can also try gaming.stackexchange