Author Topic: [GSF]Ghost passed away last year  (Read 3002 times)

Just picked up on this news a few minutes ago. I'm very sorry to finally hear of his passing. So many of my Blockland and teenage memories would've been impossible without him. He touched many of us in some way, even if we didn't have personal connections with him. RIP Ghost

this feels like a whole lifetime ago, but i'll speak about it now. i was hosting a huge server around the time paradise came out, and ghost came on to check it out. we started talking and then told me to follow him all the way up to the church in the sky. he was humbled that i was hosting the server with *all* of the vehicles and was just happy to see his map put to full use. i'll never forget how nice the guy was.

RIP [GSF]Ghost

Aw man, what a kick in the teeth. I was playing Paradise rather recently. Used to play his maps religiously, and Gravity Cat's TDMs on it too.

Think about those other mappers he had inspired.


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Aw stuff man this really sucks. Spoke to him every now and then and he was a really kind guy.

RIP [GSF]Ghost.

Re-uploaded here:

coincidentally, the anniversary of GSF Paradise's release is June 29

Someone cutting onions around here, I think.

aw jeez, rip to a legend :( i remember how much i loved exploring his maps back in the day

loving hell. so many memories on his maps. rest in peace, ghost.

what tragic news this is. I remember playing ghost's maps in the RTB days, I was real young, so he was a big inspiration on me at the time and even now.  we carried on a conversation for half the day one time on his server, maybe around v8 era on gsf miami. the nicest person/blocklander you'd ever meet online. RIP ghost.

RIP, his maps are classics and pillars in the history of BL

wow this is really sad to hear -- he was a huge contributor :/

rest in peace ghost <3

Badspot should implement some sort of obligatory into the game, after all, he did contribute the terrain bricks.

Damn this sucks.  He was one of the few people that wasn't cliquey, made the best static maps/bricks, and was working on the actually good Blockland remake.  I'm going miss you man, Rest In Peace. 
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rest in peace, ghost, your impact on the game and to many members of the community will never be forgotten.

Badspot should implement some sort of obligatory into the game, after all, he did contribute the terrain bricks.

Just anything or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning specific?