Author Topic: Possible for cars to go faster than 200 BPS?  (Read 7402 times)

Been curious about this for a while, no matter what speed you set the max of a car to, it always goes only 200 BPS.

According to a speedometer mod that uses the same MPH/KMH system that Badspot uses for mid-air kills/throws, 200 BPS is exactly 155 MPH/250 KMH. Thought that was quite interesting, actually.
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200 tu/s is the max speed of any object in the game, which is 400 studs per second. if 200 bps refers to 200 studs per second, vehicles can actually go up to 2x faster

I'm referring to whatever the double of
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maxWheelSpeed is. Cars can only go up to 200 BPS. How do you make them faster? Is there any way to increase the limit? Especially because I've seen cars like the Audi TT and Fishtail Racer R get up to almost 400 BPS. How do you achieve faster speeds?

Im not sure as i dont make vehicles, but you could ask filipe or whoever in the bcc

That’s what I was looking at but I don’t understand how they did it. Changing mass does not affect max speed at all, it still only tops cars out at 200.

how are you measuring BPS? are you just using vectorLen(%vehicle.getVelocity());? cause that's not in BPS

I use a speedometer mod that measures in it. Looking at the code, from what I understand it’s essentially getting the player’s velocity value and multiplying it by two. I also have another speedometer mod that measures in several different units of your choosing, including TPS, BPS, MPH, and KMH.

So the maximum speed achievable by default is 200 BPS, which is 100 TPS, pretty much exactly 155 MPH, and just a little under 250 KMH.

Whatever your car’s maxWheelSpeed is set to, as well as any other speed-related parameter (like the gear shift speeds for the engine sound configuration), is half of BPS. But setting the maxWheelSpeed value higher than 100 provides no difference to handling, it just makes the car accelerate faster and then peak at 200 BPS.

Tested a bit.  Seems the limit is 200 TUPS (400 BPS).
Took the jeep, raised the maxwheelspeed to 1000, then messed around with the mass.

300 mass caps me at 100 TUPS.
200 mass caps me at 150 TUPS.
150 mass caps me at 200 TUPS.

Lowering the mass further didn't make it any faster than 200 TUPS, just makes it more unstable.  The wheels keep breaking.
If you go too low, the jeep starts bouncing around because of the spring force.

This is the bottomprint loop im using to test the speed, prints out in torque units.
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function speedloop(%c){cancel(; = schedule(40,%c,"speedloop",%c);if(isObject(%p=%c.player)){if(isObject(%v=%p.getObjectMount())){%c.bottomprint(mFloor(vectorDist("0 0 0",%v.getVelocity())),1,0);}}}
speedloop(ClientGroup.getObject(0)); //(or you could do speedloop(findclientbyname("Blah")); or whatever)

btw did you know one of the fields for tires is misspelled? longitudinalforce only has an effect if its spelled logitudinalforce cause the devs misspelled it and never fixed it.

Ah, okay. Yeah I guess it is mass. I was loving with NightHawk's vehicle console editor thing and forgot to respawn my vehicles after changing mass.

So if 200 TUPS is the hard-coded maximum, that means that the fastest achievable land speed is equivalent to 400 BPS, or exactly 310 MPH. forget, that's fast.

So when we decrease mass, what can we do to keep the car feeling heavy or driving stable? Or is that the only thing we can do?

200 tu/s is the max speed of any object in the game, which is 400 studs per second. if 200 bps refers to 200 studs per second, vehicles can actually go up to 2x faster
I don't think vehicles follow the same physics limit as players do considering how vehicles that glitch out in say, speedkart go significantly faster than the speed a player is capable of

players dont hit max speed easily, and slow down pretty decently due to drag i believe? i dont think a vehicles speed can break 200 tu but it might teleport?

Lowering the strength of the springs would be a good first step.  Thats what makes the jeep go all hippity hoppity when you lower its mass to 10.

The tires might have some relevant settings too.

The center of mass has a lot to do with keeping your vehicle upright.

If you want the vehicle to slide around or have trouble with hills, turn kinetic friction down on the tires.  You can also turn power off on various tires to make the vehicle front or rear wheel drive.  I believe its vehicleinstance.setWheelPower ed(wheelnumber[int], powered[bool]);

Ill often name the vehicle spawn something like "veh" then spawn a vehicle and turn the rear wheels off using _veh.vehicle.setWheelPowered(2,0);_veh.vehicle.setWheelPowered(3,0); to get a front wheel drive jeep.