Author Topic: Who here has never changed their avatar?  (Read 7933 times)

i've had this one since probably sometime early 2018, but it was a gif of professor utonium before. i kinda feel like changing it back just for the limited nostalgia of it

same profile picture for years with slight variations depending on the season

as for in-game avatar it's been the same for as long as I can remember lol

I've changed my icons constantly really. My current one is a character of mine I made on MSpaint with the words "Ineptus Scipio" which means "Stupid Scipio" in Latin

That being said, does anyone remember that ONE icon I remember someone using on here long ago? It was a triangle street sign that was shaking very violently. I dunno, I kinda was fond of it.

haven't changed mine at all

Havent changed mine in years

physically impossible to change mine

physically impossible to change mine
LOL is that stuff still permanent

LOL is that stuff still permanent
noo it became unpermanent he just likes it

LOL is that stuff still permanent
it became unpermanent, i just like it

Haven't touched mine in a literal decade.

Haven't been around in a hot minute but I still remember your avatar vividly from years ago.

i think ive had this one since i started posting