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jervalin has just become the first person in world history to perform a deathless laso of halo 2 without envy, winning $20,000 from cr1tikal and beating the hardest challenge in gaming
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any context on why this is so difficult?

any context on why this is so difficult?
because it's hard

any context on why this is so difficult?
halo 2 legendary is notorious for being the hardest difficulty in any halo game as due to rushed development it wasnt fully tested and therefore it ended up being excruciatingly difficult, some enemies can kill you in a couple hits etc

halo 2 also introduces skulls, gameplay modifiers that (mostly) make the game more difficult by applying modifiers. as they were intended more as easter eggs than something that can actually be toggled, using skulls in the og xbox version of the game required that you manually spend multiple hours finding them in the game - picking up a skull immediately activates its effect and it stays active for as long as the game is running. people often save their game right before picking up a skull so that they can do these runs later on by loading up every save where a skull is located and picking one up. this is highly tedious and in contrast to later halo games where you can just select them before the game starts

there are several guides online that detail the effects of each skull but the point is that with all of them enabled (except envy, which makes the game easier due to giving you active camo) the game becomes incredibly difficult. the challenge is to play the game without dying once on legendary with all skulls enabled except envy. for over 18 years not a single person has, with evidence, completed the game in this fashion. jervalin performed the worlds first successful deathless laso run of the game in 2020 however this was with envy enabled. this time it was with envy disabled as such making it the hardest challenge in any halo game and potentially gaming history as the challenge remained unbeaten for nearly 2 decades despite the huge popularity of the game and a large, dedicated community.
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any context on why this is so difficult?
Halo 2 on the hardest difficulty is already CBT, especially when you encounter the Jackal snipers and their hyper-accurate precision, then, assuming you're playing the original Xbox version (which, Jervalin was), you have to first collect each and every skull/game modifier so you can then actually do the LASO run (legendary difficulty + all skulls on), which makes you have no HUD, no visible weapon, even tougher enemies who are always aware of your existence and fire their weapons faster while also chucking grenades like they're going out of style, and your shields don't recharge unless you punch an enemy, and weapons you pick up have much less ammo than they'd normally have

And there are some modifiers that don't up the difficulty but do add to the chaos, like one that causes enemies to explode like a plasma grenade (or just confetti in the MCC version), and one that increases the power/radius of explosions in general

Oh yeah, and you have to put up with all of that without dying once

all those words to say the same damn thing

i think foxscotch explained it well enough

legendary elites have no chill