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Mr Queeba:

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Welp, here it is, the next game of nintendo's funny series where squids and kids shoot ink at each other. new features include:

* Replay previous battles
* Customizable lockers
* Various quality-of-life changes (gear layouts can now be saved, training room can be used in matchmaking, new stage/mode announcements are delivered via notification instead of pausing the entire game)
* Additional customization options ("splashtags"/battletags, victory emotes including a dabbing one no i'm not joking)
* New general store with rotating catalog of items updating every 3 months
* Tableturf battle (1v1 tabletop card game featuring turf war mechanics)
* Salmon Run: Next Wave (basically salmon run with some extra enemies and actual bosses alongside the minibosses from the second game)
* Obligatory new clothing, weapons, and stages
* New campaign: Return of the Mammalians
* Splatfests are now 1v1v1 (3 teams), including a special mode where all 3 compete at once
* New newscaster/idol characters (of course)
* Some other stuff i forgor :skull:Friend Codes (tm)
Mr Queeba: SW-3859-8231-1214
Masterlegodude: SW-5850-8262-1524
Unimproved: SW-2256-3964-3503
auzman466: SW-6470-9541-4622

why dont they just update splatoon 2


--- Quote from: foulprairiedog on August 10, 2022, 11:44:57 PM ---why dont they just update splatoon 2

--- End quote ---
same reason Activision doesn't just update call of duty


we owe pearl an apology

The Resonte!:
was hoping for a male & female duo... these ones are a bit too uncanny
and the big forehead just seems like repeating pearl again


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