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Splatoon 3 - Big Run (tm), Best Multiplayer Game -VGA

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time to buy the video game of splatoon for the third time

1v1v1 sounds cool tho

Mr Queeba:
article that goes into some specifics on the game:
tl;dr you can transfer over splatoon 2 save data which gives you some bonuses and brings over your ranks, ranked is based on a "rank point" system and it is no longer possible to rank down, your in-game name is now based on a nickname system rather than your switch profile's name, expanded training area in both lobby and salmon run, etc

Insert Name HereČ:

Mr Queeba:
splatfest world premiere is now available for preload, need to wait until aug 27 to actually launch it tho

Mr Queeba:
never mind its now launchable, you can create your character and screw around in the plaza
oh yeah and of course half of the plaza is just people posting amogus because old habits die hard


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