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The posse of Kiwifarms tryhard edgelords

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Feels like there's a few people with this "mentality" on here. They all act the same, they all make the same stupid jokes, they all act "too bored" to even respond to you. It's like lord tony's no caps lame ass off-topic posts but there's more of them.

Anyone else notice this? Yes I'm posting this because Unova is annoying me but it seems like there's more than just him that acts like this.

balls, honestly

bloody jumper:
It's the internet, people are starfishs.

There's been groups and individuals with that kind of mindset here since the dawn of time because such behavior would go unpunished and was seen by the general members of the forums as a non-issue, so naturally that mindset was able to proliferate and worsen between each individual/group

Unova is not of that kind, but he does have his moments i guess

Maybe you even said soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that he took personally, i don't know, but maybe it would have been best to discuss it in private with him instead of making a drama thread about him, but under the guise of a thread about toxic users in general

where do you think iban got it


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