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The posse of Kiwifarms tryhard edgelords

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Mr. Bones:

--- Quote from: Soukuw on September 09, 2022, 04:38:12 PM ---

You can tell in this topic it's just a witch hunt. I asked for more proof so what happens? Unova2 searches my name on the Brickadia server as a witch hunt. I make a topic about people witch hunting, and Kanye uses my photo as their avatar.

It's pretty obvious IMO that this is a "Question our verdict and you will be next". IMO it makes the stuff posted by them way less reliable. I know it might not really be a "them" but there is some dumbass groupthink going on.
Unova thinks people hate Brickadia as much as him to the point people want information to skirt bans.

--- End quote ---
I'm not sure if the Port accusation carries weight, but a couple other devs were outed for the same thing at some point and have since left the dev team. CBA to find the thread but should be an easy find

It's literally linked in the OP of the port thread


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