Author Topic: how 2 bypass brickadia phone verification  (Read 946 times)

a while ago i got silently permanently banned from both the brickadia discord and the game within a few hours of pointing out that one of the q/a, DessertSource, retweeted omori ship art regularly, sometimes from accounts that retweeted and/or made shota research or proship art, with the implication that the user was okay with depicted child enthusiasm and/or a child enthusiast.
the ban reason is listed as - despite the information I gave out being things publicly available on their twitter account, which they had linked to discord, and me never once having contacted them. While you could make the case this attracted unwanted negative attention toward Brickadia, this was done in a thread which featured far worse, more sweeping and final accusations in the OP. I have also never done anything warranting a warn or ban in-game, and had a relatively clean record in the discord aside from the occasional scuffle from something that didn't really matter or harassment that I personally got from moderators. The only chance for an unban of any sort was a slim chance if I kept up 'good behavior' for a year.
So, I figured out a way to evade the ban. I joined the most popular server, and did literally nothing. Within a few minutes - 11 to be exact - I had been banned again, and just like the previous time it was silent, permanent and a ban from both discord and the game.

i'm being treated the same as members of block gang for pointing out that the last thing they'd want in a brick game community exist and are fairly active within their ranks, i've decided to give you instructions on how to bypass bans. as of current, i have been dealt a bad hand by the brickadia staff and have next to no chance of appealing, and they do not seem to want me, so there is no harm to me in doing this. have fun.

1. any phone number. doesn't have to be yours, just has to be one you can get sms from and which discord accepts.
2. a vpn, in order to bypass discord's ban, if you have one, and in order to bypass ip bans ingame if you have one of those.
3. a discord account. age doesn't really matter.

step 1. log into the discord account you intend to bypass with and join the brickadia discord. if you can't, turn on your vpn and you will be able to.
step 2. add a phone number. if your main account already has one, you can just remove it and then add it back after you've removed it from the other account.

step 3. simply send a message within the registration channel and make sure your dms are open.
step 4. if you got the message from brickbot, quickly remove your phone number from the discord account. you're safe now, can repeat the process and should be able to play.
and bam. you can register a new account completely exempt from all of your restrictions.
this doesn't exempt you from machine bans, but if they start doin that tell me and i'll update the instructions to include a way to bypass it.

wait didn't you use the search function on the brickadia server to witch hunt me???

seems like a lot of steps just to play a stuffty blockland knockoff

it has like one and a half more players so i'd say its worth

If they start doing hardware bans it's not hard to skirt around them, kind of BS they did that but there's also jack stuff to play on BR and the community is just Blockland but on par or worse in some regards.