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its very likely these videos are going to be taken down so if you're reading this thread and none of them work \_(ツ)_/ nothin' i can do. definitely look at the forum link though i posted

Rockstar wouldnt make a caked up chola a gta protagonist this is fake

bloody jumper:
Downloaded the videos, it's real. Way too detailed, with the inclusion of dev tools, if this isn't real, whoever made it is a psychopath for being so meticulous.

leak comes from some guy who was notorious of doing the Uber hacking (& got into the Uber dev's Slack channel). its probably the same way they got the leak for this too. nobody in the dev team afaik was involved.

Mr Queeba:
holy forget
people are going to have a field day with this, rockstar is having their own hl2 beta leak moment


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