Author Topic: Google Stadia is shutting down  (Read 3043 times)

least unexpected event in gaming history

at least they're refunding all the games and hardware.

a while ago I got a stadia controller, chromecast, and a month of stadias premium all for free. it honestly was pretty good all considering I have gigabit internet. the controller is really nice too and feels similar to the switch pro controller

wait since they're giving out refunds for everything I wonder if I could just buy a stuff ton of games now, play them all, then get my refund for them in January

edit: Stadia store is closed, can't buy any games lol

Bad day for the Stadians

All 10 of them

barely lasted any longer than onlive did a decade ago lmao

i forgot this existed until now lol

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btw as an ouya owner i am legally not allowed to laugh at failed game platforms