Author Topic: how did you find out about blockland's existence  (Read 20325 times)

i wound up here by searching "lego games" a long long time ago

exciting stuff

ad on or, forgot which

an ad on when it was still a real thing

banner ad on armor games

watching lego videos as a little stuff until i discovered bunch of videos on the game

an ad on

also how I found Roblox a year prior. back when you'd get banned for even mentioning blockland on Roblox. crazy time period
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I had a friend in elementary school tell me about a free MMORPG called God's of Time. From there I found a Blockland banner ad.

I've long forgotten that guy's name, as I never saw him again after 4th grade. There's no doubt he has any clue what butterfly effect he had started by innocently recommending me that game- as most of my life, interests, and personality have been both directly or indirectly influenced by Blockland and my time here on this forum.

my brother showed the demo to me in like 2009 and then in 2014 i somehow found it on steam and thought hey this looks familiar

an ad probably from one of the many flash game sites i used to frequent. speaking of which, does anyone have any of the old ads saved? i vaguely remember one of them being a blockhead in space

brother and I stumbled upon the game after google searching "games where you build stuff" (ironically, if you're viewing this as a guest it will practically be the games logo)

Found it when 5 year old me on a sticky iPad Generation 1 was surfing the old Youtube app

Found this game on an ad on a flash game’s website called Everybody Edits

no idea, probably an ad like everybody else

I was into roblox back in 2012 and stumbled upon those "roblox vs blockland/minecraft" youtube videos, then soon discovered other torque games like return to blockland, the better mod and the orange block (was part of the small community until the site died two years later due to the owner moving on, I think). I played all of those and noticed they were all dead a long time ago. Was too young to play them in time anyway.

Then I proceeded to play demo blockland for the next 5 years until I got a key when almost everyone stopped playing.