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pretty sure i first found out about blockland through a post on the brickfilms forums by masterlegodude in 2006
That's a very specific memory that i have no memory of

I honestly don't remember. I think it was early 2007 or so I had been playing the demo a lot and found it while looking for "Lego" games or something. Ended up actually buying the game 2010 (found my email lol)
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That's a very specific memory that i have no memory of
it's been over a decade and a half since then so i'm probably misremembering lol

I came across a very old video called "Cyblock" that made me think it was some sort of interesting adventure game.

Saw on a sidebar ad, played the demo for a couple years before finally getting retail as my dad was a bit sketched about giving a website his credit card information lol. I was big into ROBLOX so naturally Blockland was appealing too

I found this dumb video about Lego GTA and at the time I was like, 7 or 8 and I thought it was a real game so I looked up Lego GTA and blockland popped up, ended up getting it since I was already big on lego and doing like dumb stop motion videos with legos and 15 years later, here I am lol

I remember it being mentioned back during the roblox/blockland rivalry. Roblox started heading towards a path of stufftiness around 2011 and I decided to check out blockland. Loved the demo, decided to buy it and honestly I made the right choice since I quit roblox in 2012

I was watching Lego stop motion videos on youtube and like many others I stumbled upon the "Awesome Lego House" video of someone showcasing their Blockland creation in RTB.

I remember getting really excited about this because up until this point I only knew of and played Lego Digital Designer which wasn't really what I wanted in a Lego game but it's all they had. and then there it was; everything I thought a Lego game should be and it actually existed, I purchased my key in the summer of 2007. I can definitely say it was the most significant $20 I have ever spent.
literally exact same story. but ill throw this in:

i hesitated getting blockland because despite never using a modeling program, i assumed blockland was not actually a game but some complex modeling/game engine type deal, so i didn't touch it till i found the video again a couple weeks later and figured, "forget it ill look it up".

i remember the initial butterfly feeling of building stuff from my lego instructions in demo mode and being able to walk in it and see the inside of my lego builds through the eyes of a minifigure. my very first time in blockland was building these 4 lego sets in bedroom. i got it that night

From what I understand in this thread, badspots investment in ads in the early days of the game seems to have really paid off lol.

I think I also discovered this game through an ad but I forget what website it was on

yea i first heard about blockland through an ad too. In 2009 i was really into watching tf2 garry's mod videos of stuff like "Painus Cupcake" and an ad for Blockland would show up on the side a lot... back when YouTube's ads were so far less obnoxious yet would still be noticable enough to get the job done

it didnt get me to play the game but it def helped when my friends came over one day and linked their ID up to my PC to show me

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