Should the Drifting Supra's be Right-Hand-Drive? (Steering wheel on PASSENGER side of car)

Yay! European Integration
Nay! Keep it all to one side.

Author Topic: NightHawk's Development Log - American Speedsters Released!  (Read 49407 times)

Best be careful decreasing mass though; cars will get REALLY twitchy with suspension and steering depending how light [as-a-feather] you make it...
Me making a self-launching snowmobile blissfully unaware of what massCenter is and how it functions

Bippity boppity! It's time for a quality of life update that can be in your property!

First off, for both below, I introduced a exhaust emitter that toggles when you enter the vehicle, and stops when you exit!

For the Manco Go-Kart, I also re-did the engine sounds.

And most proudly for the Drift Trikes, remastered models for the Default and CarsAndCameras Turbo Trike!

I also recently installed a street bike muffler on my Trike IRL, so I sampled the engine sound again and translated it over to the Blockland version

Bump, I got a weapon pack I started in the background as life progressed; dealing with big jobs at the machine shop I'm working at.

very cool trike and go cart!