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ditch the forum and modernize, young ppl use discord not forums - games arent rlly social medias anymore
despite the way they are talking, it's not just a reactionary hatred for a perceived trend. discord is actively harmful to any attempt to share and preserve actual information. particularly in the long term, because discord does not make a profit, and eventually they're going to run out of gullible VC money. you can't back up a discord server. discord messages are hardly searchable within discord, and not at all from outside. you can't google a problem and find a discord discussion about the solution. people end up asking the same loving questions over and over again, because even if discord's search might have returned soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning useful, that's more trouble than just asking it again. for the people who do care about a community, answering the same bullstuff question a thousand times because nobody gives a stuff sucks actually. and then stupid people who don't know how to write software end up making half-assed bots that attempt to automatically answer common questions, only for it to get a hundred false positives and fail to identify when people actually ask the question. discord is fine for a strictly social community related to a game or whatever, but it does not and never will be able to make up for the practical functions that a forum or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning can serve

and deleting an existing forum in favor of moving to discord is just deranged. that's not really relevant to this specific scenario but I wanted to complain about it while we're on the subject. you have to be insane to come up with that idea. you can't put even ten seconds of thought into it and still think that's a good move

Jesus Christ, you're still working on this gem?

How long has it been, several years?

No, I did try and make a brick building game LoD from like sept. 2017 to jan 2018, but I abandoned that. I started this around Jan. 19th of this year.

nah id still say ditch the forum idea and just make a subreddit

Forums are the best medium for organized discussion, reply chains are for the weak and encourage off topic sub discussions