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This is the SpeedKart Remastered Gamemode, a project that began back in 2017 but then in late 2020, it became a big collaborative project between the community, including the work of very talented members in all areas of content creation, modders, programmers, builders, and more combined their forces to make this gamemode a reality. Not only it brings a new look to the game, but it also improves on it's foundation with new Karts, Tracks and features, the list of commands and the credits are available on the Blockland Glass link below or in the images section, without the team this gamemode woudn't be here! We also plan to continue work on the gamemode by updating it with new Karts and Tracks so keep a look out for it! You can expect announcements here or in our official Discord group.

This is the Gamemode's alternative version called SpeedKart Remastered Building, it loads up a track template for you to build your very own SKR track!

Announcement Trailer -

Track Showcase 1 -

Track Showcase 2 -

Release Trailer -

Join our official Development Discord Group by clicking this image to stay up to date on the latest news!
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the blockland gamemode ever

The biggest and bestest Blockland project i've been a part of and was able to help out with, glad to be a part of it, glad to have been able to help with it!

Here's a compilation of screenshots from my time during the making of the release trailer

theres no gw_scream.wav so automatically its bad

theres no gw_scream.wav so automatically its bad
yeah i forgeted up how that works because of how respawns are enabled in the game before a race starts, incidentally if you try to do it you get the star emitter on you which should happen in regular speedkart but doesnít

where is print_1x1_newspeedkarticons at

where is print_1x1_newspeedkarticons at

blockland glass, itís in the dependencies