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-Crispy-'s Treasure Hunt Gamemodes
Hunt for treasure in different places and situations!

The Bedroom

Chests: 22
Difficulty: ***** (to be rated)
Notes: You have jets, and the jeep is required to get 2 chests
Version: PreRTB 2
Download Gamemode_Bedroom_Treasure_Hun


  • New Bedroom save (Demain's) when it's released.
  • Kitchen Treasure Hunt, when a Kitchen save is made.
  • ACM City Treasure Hunt.
  • Beta City Treasure Hunt.
  • A.T.C. Fort Treasure Hunt.
  • Afghanistan Treasure Hunt.
  • BLOKO Blupo Treasure Hunt.
  • C.T.F. Battle Grounds Treasure Hunt.
  • Festung der Schwarzung Treasure Hunt.
  • Golden Gate Bridge Treasure Hunt.
  • Crysta Castle Treasure Hunt.
  • Ice Palace Treasure Hunt.
  • Jetpuff's Towers Treasure Hunt.
  • Kaje's Castle Treasure Hunt.
  • Pirate Ship Treasure Hunt.
  • Kaje's Castle Treasure Hunt.
  • Maze Treasure Hunt.
  • Pyramid Treasure Hunt.
  • Kaje's Castle Treasure Hunt.
  • Tutorial Treasure Hunt.

Bugs? Issues? Typos? Dumb mistakes?

Please report any to me. (-Crispy)


This topic is now locked and unmantained because RTB now supports gamemodes.
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very nice i like it!
ill give you ten tons of:  :cookie:

I'm going to add player spawn points and allow the jeep to spawn at the house.

After that I will work on ACM City. Should be fun.

You should make the bedroom one have chests that are only able to be located if you fly around in a flying carpet

  • Added basement secret.
  • Added Jeep.
  • Added 3 Chests.
  • New special bricks, like when clicked they go away and some where only the jeep can go through.

padmedog has a Kitchen build, you can see it here:

Ehh... I wont use that until he fixes many problems, no offense to padmedog.

EDIT: Also, people, I need ratings on difficulty 0-5, I wont use the poll because I have other plans for that.
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This topic is now LOCKED because RTB now supports gamemodes.