Author Topic: Getting started modding?  (Read 6357 times)

"haha lol dead game"
I've always had the heart for the game, and I have a bit... Okay... Maybe miniscule amount of modding experience. A lil' bit o blender and art assets for new vegas. But going through the sticky that's available, a lot of the resources are not formatted well on exactly what I need to do and a lot of the download links are just dead. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

i recommend looking at other addon's files to get a start. blockland uses torquescript for scripting the documentation is out there somewhere
there's also the bcc, it's a discord server that can help you out with almost anything bl-related

Docs. Community (these forums and the discord).

If you want a summary of the docs ask Chat_GPT. I was asking all kinds of crazy stuff about torquescript this morning and it made some usable code.

as co owner and moderator of the bcc im happy to answer questions there or here. most of us modders got started from a mix of help from the first modders, experimenting ingame using eval scripts, and reading addon code. a big part of blockland modding is quick iteration time and being able to test things out live ingame.

Posted this before and will again friend. This is the single-hand best step by step guide to modding 15 years in a row. Don't be disheartened by this game being dead, there's a lot you can learn alone due to the changes you can make at runtime easily while dumping functions and values for objects. It's how I turned a hobby into a career. Good luck.

As for the discords, forums, community, et cetera, I'd use them more as a supplement to this pdf until you've practiced it in full. They certainly aren't as vibrant as they used to be.