Author Topic: Restricted Bricks help?  (Read 7111 times)

I use an addon called RestrictedBricks by Jes00. It works very well, but the NewDuplicator completely bypasses it and I don't want to restrict it to admin-only. I've only seen it done with forceplant, but someone said it works just planting it normally.
Could anyone add those functions to it?

had to do something like this for farming: the process is to check in the new duplication planting loop for the brick datablock iirc. or .onPlant for the placer’s mode and the brick datablock

Restricted bricks are admin only so whats the reasoning behind not just making the dup admin only as well? Eh, I suppose I can see the usefulness in wanting players to be able to use the dup, but only for the bricks you want them to build with.

Here, try this:

New Duplicator : Restricted Bricks Filter
Replace Tool_NewDuplicator\classes\server\selection.cs