Author Topic: Lost files, if anyone can help that would be fantastic!  (Read 7443 times)

I love everything, I tore about computers drives and other files. Mediafire deleted all my saves and all my mods. Everything is lost.
I want to play again, but without my mods, its rough to even know how to start. Especially with RTB being dead (as far as I know)
I had block mods, paint mods, mods for zombies, that creep mod (that spreading sludge thing), and probably a thousand more. I just dont know what to do.
Anyways, maybe its nostalgia speaking, but I miss some of the good days.

you can find the vast majority of mods on which is a blockland addon archive. also has a large number of addons, and basically all of the most recently made ones (which arent on if you really want to browse the classic rtb addon website, a mirror of it is hosted by daprogs at, though every mod there is also already on
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though every mod there is also already on
and glass too i believe, unless it just directs to the files on the rtb archive

Thanks you guys, it means a lot! Ill check that all out!!