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I'll still remember the dramas I got for being extraordinarily stupid, but now that I grew up, seeing my old posts kinda feels like looking at an old relic, as cringy as they may have been.

It's going to be sad to see all of this go, but then again, this must be the borrowed timeTM running out.

at the end of the day it was fun while it lasted. I'll never forget stupid dramas and the cringe of being a kid on Blockland

It's been a good run, a marker of simpler times in my life. The forums give me the same bittersweet nostalgia as Adobe Flash and other staples of the segue from the 2000s-2010s internet

Between the slow quiet death of Blockland and Roblox's downward spiral of degeneracy, I very much prefer the former.

I'll miss it though, along with all the ideas I never put into practice while I had the time.

Fellas, it's almost time to jack off and leave
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I've been playing Blockland sporadically over the past month or so. I certainly miss the good old days. It's just that the magic is gone. I played some Speedkart in a full server which was pretty awesome. I can't really get myself to freebuild for more than 20min at a time without wanting to do something else. Ultimately the one thing I miss more than anything are the OG dogfights/capture points with stunt planes, sniper rifles, OP shotguns, and rocket launchers. I bet anything I'd play that for hours if that came back.