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The most surreal Blockland story that I like to tell people was listening to a real life friend with no connection to Blockland complain for a couple weeks about an admin that moderated a Facebook group he was in. This admin was hated by everybody in the group because he was a really stupid starfish. I asked him to show me the admin's Facebook page and I was then presented with Lord Tony's real life Facebook page, where he was using his BLF avatar as a profile picture

good times until the owner of that facebook group banned me because I was trying to remove the actual tribal content on there

a week later the group gets zucced because of all the tribal stuff that I warned him about.

But Tony! Aren't you worried about Badspot banning you?

genuinely concerned. you unfriended me on steam are you OK??
I don't really mind because the only thing he ever did was randomly invite me to play games I didn't own once every two years

I don't really mind because the only thing he ever did was randomly invite me to play games I didn't own once every two years
there was zero communication except a secret santa gift exchange but i like seeing tony on my friends list and knowing he's out there and alive. like a potted plant that sometimes plays games other than Dead by Daylight

i salute you tony, thanks for being a punching bag in our times of need

Ya but did you groom seph? 🤔

we all love you tony, never change.  :cookieMonster:

  • running a youtube channel that nobody watches != trolling
he actually gets a stable amount of viewership on his twitch. why they would want to be watching dead by daylight every day though is beyond me.

Trolling people was fun but it's not fun anymore.

I never intended to harm anyone. I don't dox anyone, like others do.
jarvis pull up kiwifarms dox request by king tony

Ya but did you groom seph? 🤔

No forget that piece of stuff.

He's the main reason I stopped trolling like this in the first place I thought he was joking/trolling but turns out he was very very very loving serious.

It's not loving cool that stuff is forgeted up.

Even before the stuff he did he would message me in private about his "jokes" and I'd ignore him because I don't joke about that stuff in private I only joke about things in public for all to see that's what trolling is.

In private I am a completely different person I usually ignore most people that make jokes with me and anyone who has been on my server will tell you I'm very chill and barely talk.

Could you imagine if that was the last video he ever made? Would have been the funniest stuff I ever saw even with his fake tattoo sleeve and him saying cwcville exists.

Didn't take him long to make another video after that but this but this was probably the most genius thing he ever did.

I'll say that you certainly entertained a lot of people here. Good job, don't do it again.

Aw, shucks.

don't do it again.

yeah I don't know if you guys noticed but I've been trying to distance myself from the forums for awhile now. I thought it would be funny to one day stop posting with zero explanation as one last troll

Unfortunately I always had the urge to click on the forums and post so we all know that would have never lasted.