Author Topic: New Steam UI update  (Read 3613 times)

I too opted into the beta like a month or so ago - the look of the ui itself is better imo and when you right click steam down in the tray area it will show icons for games instead of just names now

the only thing I've noticed so far that kinda bothers me is when you get an achievement it no longer says "achievement unlocked" with the achievement name - instead now it just pops the achievement name and description. okay I like that it shows the description of said achievement now when you unlock it but why get rid of the words "achievement unlocked" ?!

but why get rid of the words "achievement unlocked" ?!
Gaben was sued by John Xbox (not really, but IDK why else)

steam used to look like attached

i liked when steam looked like this

Bring back military green steam

i mean it's fine, but i hate the fact they got rid of custom themes, i liked using the old steam one