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So I found out just now that the HL2 "Requiem for Ravenholm" song from Valve is actually from the brazilian group named Sorrows, is called "Solidao e Desespero - III" and actually lasts 7 minutes and 41 seconds (unlike Valve's 33 seconds) but that info is literally not stated anywhere on the Internet from what I found? Also no re-uploads anywhere on Youtube except the song itself. The original Ravenholm song is credited as Valve's but this sounds clearly like the original full song (the part used is at 5:28). The track also seems part of an album declared as released in 1991 on Apple Music and they have a website stating that their group was created in 2001 (and is still active to this day) which fits with HL2's near release date, so I doubt this is a licensing scam and it's like the very original thing which got digital only since 2015 it appears.

Seems very odd nobody took notice of that until now, there's also not a lot of views on Sorrow's automatic Youtube video. (I literally found that out by Shazam'ing the Ravenholm theme)

I want to believe this is some forget up with the song databases or literally a scam (because of how different it sounds from the other songs on the album) but nothing explains how they got hold of the FULL cut of the song from Kelly Bailey...
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This is just a collage of various Half Life 2 tracks

This is just a collage of various Half Life 2 tracks
i think that's what it is because at the end it just turns into that highway song

people will re-upload existing songs and claim it as theirs so that it will appear in youtube autoclaim. it's probably illegal

yeah this is just a compilation of half life 2 tracks. at 3:47 you can hear "particle ghost" off the half life 2 soundtrack