Author Topic: Terarria 1.4.5 is coming this year  (Read 4749 times)

Terraria is getting a pretty cool content update that will include a cross-over with dead cells. i haven't played dead cells yet but it looks really interesting.

I tend to really like the games they crossover with, which is actually how i discovered stardew valley and corekeeper.

but anyway supposedly this is really the last update (yeah, okay)

out of all the things that get added to Terraria I really wish there was a sand bomb... i use the dirt bombs to fill in holes all the time, so why tf do i need to manually place sand?! but that's such an oddly specific thing, i doubt it'd be added unless someone suggests it.

one of the features that was teased is supposedly a voice slider, which will probably be good for female characters (which sound like they're getting raped each time they take damage). better whips as well, which i hope will make summoning more worth it as a class and not just a secondary thing.

but out of all the features we know are coming, I really am excited for the new seed menu, which is apparently going to let you mix special seeds to create unique worlds.

i kind don't like the secret seeds so i hope the ability to mix and match my world will change that (like i can mix "for the worthy" and "drunk" seeds to create the most torturous, awful, insane, forget you kind of difficulty). despite the fact i always get stuck on lunatic cultist and end up giving up on the world, i really enjoy the high difficulties.