Author Topic: Trying to convert speed to MPH.  (Read 5910 times)

I've done it before but for some reason I completely forgot how. Trying to convert speed into MPH, using the same formula for mid-air kills, whatever the formula for that was.

Like let's say I'm editing a vehicle stat, and increasing its top speed. What's the formula for converting the value I plug in into MPH?

i may be wrong on this but last i checked, vehicle datablock speeds are actually force, which means that increasing the mass of the vehicle decreases its speed, and vice versa.

1 torque unit is equal to 1 meter according to T3D's documentation.
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1.35x1.35x2.65 tu

when the football is thrown the record distance is measured in 1 tu == 1.875 ft

so the blockhead is 4.96 ft tall