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Custom Vehicle Camera?

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It'd be neat to have a mod that replaces the vehicle cameras with a custom one for both third and first person. Reacts to forces and rotation and stuff, in third person it's like a chase cam in a racing game. In first person, can "simulate" g-forces or something. Preferably would auto-center when the mouse stops moving after a configurable amount of seconds.

The main thing is the third person aspect of it, to make driving more fun. Would probably be a client mod.

Also, I was looking for a client mod that let you freeze the camera in place that I used to use, while you can still control your blockhead normally, but I can't find it anymore.

camera is engine sided, so that isnt going to happen pretty much ever. would require a dll to edit the engine code and then script to utilize it, which is an insane amount of work for a game with meh driving mechanics

as for the client mod you probably need to look up chasecam or whatever, it edits the chasecam delay in following the player but thats it

It wasn't that, it was something else. Might be somewhere on the forum, but I don't remember where. You could bind a key and the camera would stay in its current position until you pressed the key again, or a different key.

might you be referring to the old camera events where you press the light key to exit the camera view? I know with the default camera events you can still control your player but there is no shortcut key to exit the camera view, you'd have to set the events up to make camera go back to normal after a certain amount of time or run a loop that detects an input with VCE value.... or use f8/f7 to set the camera back

No it was by somebody else. If it's of any help, I think I remember either the author on the forum, or someone who participated in the thread, had a profile picture of a renaissance portrait of some guy. But I could be wrong.

But it was a client-sided add-on that used key bindings you set in the options just like anything else.


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