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Does anyone have any old saves that they'd be willing to upload, along with a list of what bricks they use? I'm really itching for some TDM in Blockland, and I'll host it myself if no one else is doing it.

I'll take any map (because i'm awful at building) but would anyone happen to have Heedicalking's old TDMs? I remember his being some of the best. (Bonus: His original Slopes TDM for maximum nostalgia)

You mean like this?
Here are the SS Dogfight save files. Go make a dogfight with them!
Download (Save files only):
Download (Add-Ons included):

Comes with a pre-setup game mode (the one I use on my server) and a ton of old save files from various versions of the dogfight. Some of the saves have been converted from the Terrain system and some have not.

There's actually more of these save files (AKA the canyon map) but they're on my other computer. Maybe I'll post them later.

Let me know if there's any add-ons missing.
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such an incredible build

I think I used to have heedicalking's slopes TDM saved, but I might have lost it when I changed PCs sadly. I did manage to log in to my old mediafire account and find the modter slopes he used for the TDM, but it's only the slopes, no TDM stuff

I uploaded it to dropbox since mediafire is just a bunch of ads no one wants to click lol

there's also kenko's BL archive, which has saves on it. Looks like it has heed's last samurai TDM bls save
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God I loved TDM and CTF servers growing up, they were and still are my favorite gamemode. It's a real damn shame that they died out long ago.