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I have a lot of core memories in blockland with Kalphiter in them. Anyone know what he’s up to? In that Redlyne video on YouTube I saw his name pop up, still playing blockland 14 years later.

he goes by the name Queuenard these days

he still hosts a whole bunch, but yeah goes by Queueueueueuenananard or some stupid stuff and yeah, still chilling.

i tend to remind him that i helped build his 2011-2012 new years party a long time ago, maybe if you're that far back you were in this video itself.

wait queueue is kalphiter???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

how am i just now learning this

queuenard being kalphiter somehow manages to escape some og's knowledge despite him going by that name for over the past decade at this point jfc

Oh damn yeah I was in that video I remember! I’d switch places with my sister every 15 minutes cuz we only had one computer but both wanted to play blockland on new years 2010-2013 or so.

how the entire forget do OG ppl not know this pls

first im hearing this too