Author Topic: Bushido passed away - Fundraiser for funeral service in OP!  (Read 30660 times)

strongly agree - he should have at least had an opportunity to finish a full fledged game :(

life was truly unfair to him
On the bright side, the work he did for this community probably shaped a good portion of a lot of childhoods here. I spent a lot of time on deathmatch servers growing up, and nearly all of them used T+T. That's got to be like, thousands of combined hours between everyone in the community. He helped shape countless fond memories.

no forgetin' way dude, he was one of the coolest people on here

I didn't know him all that well, but whenever I saw that Rhino avatar over the years, I expected to read something well thought out and insightful. RIP.

Man this blows. I never knew Bushido that well but I will always fondly remember his weapon packs and just how omnipresent they were. RIP to a real one.

Bushido was one of my first BL friends, this hit hard! Rest in peace buddy <3

Jesus man, may he rest in peace.. I remember his mods were some of the first I used. Hurts to read that man. RIP bro.

god damn what the forget


Unfortunate outcome to an aspiring developer, but to know that his death was not without the comfort of his friends and family is what one would call relieving. Truly, he rests in peace knowing that he was loved. He would most likely share mutual feelings with us as well.

This is crushing man, he was so young to be going through something like that. Young, but even still, wise far beyond his years. His work really influenced the hell out of me & gave me an obsession over trying to mod this game for many years, and I can only imagine how far he has reached many others in this community. From losing my mother a few months ago I can only begin to fathom what his folks are going through right now. I hope they find peace and light during this time of darkness, and I am glad they have given us a small way to pitch in and support them. RIP Bushido

redid an old drawing i did for them in 2019, rest well king

wow that is awful, I still remember always being excited to join his server to try whatever gamemode he was running. He had such an identifiable way of making models and gamemodes, you would always know if something was his


shame to hear about this. thought he was so cool as a kid.