Author Topic: Bushido passed away - Fundraiser for funeral service in OP!  (Read 31289 times)

Source: From the Jack and Casie discord server, the game Bushido was developing

It seems that yet another Blocklander, Bushido (Shout), has unfortunately passed away, this time from cancer

Specifically 'nasopharyngeal cancer'

what a forgeted up form of cancer.
it must've impacted his breathing very much and looks like eventually it would've impacted his spine and brain.
once it reaches that point it seems like surgery is too dangerous and can result in brain death

To hear of his passing at such a young age (28, according to his forum profile and the fundraiser down below) is nothing short of heartbreaking, and my condolences go out to all of his friends (online and IRL) and his family

Though you were taken much too soon, i hope you now rest peacefully, old friend...

Bushido's family has organized a fundraiser for his funeral, please consider donating if you can!
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Jesus, one death of somebody I actually knew around here... I'm wishing the best for his family, and that he finds peace.

genuinely shocked, rest in peace legend

damn that sucks, rip man

oh holy stuff, RIP ;-;

I always had a good time playing on Bushido's servers whenever he hosted. He really kicked off blockland modding and nailed the aesthetic with his models and design. Tier tactical and quake-type are still some of the best weapon packs to exist for the game, and that's barely scratching the surface for what else he's made. See you Space Cowboy

Holy stuff

I've been wondering how he was doing... This is awful. Rest in peace, Bushido.

damn that sucks. hope his loved ones are doin alright out there.....

He was always a joy to have on my servers. I remember working with him on several projects. Very creative dude. Regret I lost touch with him.

forget 2024 this year is stuff

this is loving unreal dude

this is awful. i never knew he was suffering so much. he discussed having a lot of personal issues that impacted his life and happiness.

he inspired me so much. a lot of my artistic and 3d modeling styles borrowed from his creativity. he always gave me hope as a game designer that people who believe in themselves can accomplish a lot.

it feels like yesterday when he said my first blockland gun having ADS would be a bad choice because it didn't need it. somehow that one interaction was all i needed to feel noticed by him and feel like my work mattered. what a complicated person.

nobody's saying you can't have ironsights on the model itself

we're saying you can't staple ADS on weapons that don't need ADS, and especially if you're explicitly modeling the weapon that you would be theoretically stapling ADS onto after weapons that are designed to not have ADS

basically, adding a sighting system to a gun for no other reason then to have a sight system on the gun is equivalent to adding a spoiler to a town car. you'd basically be making a gun-flavored rice burner.
very interesting and unique criticism and take on something so small. Gytyyhgfffff once said that the way Bushido thought about game mechanics was complex and deep in a way that couldn't be fully understood. it was somehow logical and silly at the same time, sometimes harsh, sometimes endearing. im sure there was way more to him than just his opinions but that was one of his most expressive features.

i wish someone would host a classic bushido-style deathmatch in his honor, with all his weapons from the old to the most recent.
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Bushido was someone I could tell was very thoughtful and intentional in what he did. Wish I had the opportunity to get to know him better, and stay in touch when I had a chance to do so. I found myself thinking about him from time to time wondering where he was.

Sad to see him go like this and condolences to his loved ones.

bushido made some of the best and most recognizable content the game has ever seen and will be greatly missed