Author Topic: More modern tools to make custom bricks?  (Read 12961 times)

I have been asked to make some road bricks for someone and I thought it would of been as simple as just modeling some in Blender and shipping it but it seems there are a few extra steps.

I found badspot's OBJ to BLB converter
but that seems to lack any texturing ability which means I could not like apply a normal map to make the road look bumpy like the default one.

Do people just use that converter and like hellishly add the texture coordinates to the exported quads? or is there some more straight forward way?

Also is it documented how large bricks are in units of meters or something?

there are modern tools to use - demians blb exporter works in blender 2.79b and there are a couple ports iirc to allow blb importing

typically for that exporter its 1 blender unit to 1 stud (and correspondingly 0.4 blender units for 1 plate tall)
if you use an obj 2 blb exporter itll use 1 blender unit = 1 torque unit = 2 studs wide, so halve the numbers i listed above. this is also the scale used for dts exporting

you can join the bcc to get more directed help and you can get quicker help than posting here
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Oh that can do, I am.... not a fan of going back and using 2.79 but I half assume I can just make the mesh in 4.1 and export and import it back into 2.79 without much issue I hope

also it seems I was already in that discord I have no idea for how long lol