Author Topic: what are some good nintendo switch games  (Read 14275 times)

preferably some story oriented games or metroidvanias/platformers would be cool for me

i like co-op game so here are some i played on switch that are fun with a friend

portal knights - a minecraft-like adventure game with RPG elemnts
wizard of legend - fast paced 2D top-down beat-em-up
kingdom 2 crowns - 2D village building simulator
super mario bros wonder - 3D side-scrolling platformer

doesn't fit either of your preferences but balatro is absolute peak "i dont have time for anything but a quick game"/"i don't wanna commit too hard to anything rn" if you need something like that

fire emblem: three houses is a nice blend of great gameplay & story

fire emblem: engage is a much much much stufftier story but A+ gameplay