Author Topic: mods for AOT!!!!!  (Read 2782 times)

it would be cool if rtb/tbm crew could make mods for AOT like you can dispatch ye 64-bit dragon or something... anyways it would be cool.
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if anyone scrolled down this far the secret to getting the golden hook is swinging all around the log pile and jumping on sticking out logs

Modding wouldn't be to hard as long as you had the old version of AOT V6 that is non-dso'ed. Oh, no one has one anymore, since they all deleted them for the new AOT. :(

At least, thats what I did.

I have the .rar of the old version. :)


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I dont think I ever released a non-dso'd version of AoT.  The difference is that the old version actually has the dso's needed to host a server, the current version does not. 

Some of it was dso'ed, like the weapons and stuff, but some of the other code wasn't, at least I don't think so. Ah well, doesn't really matter. No one really wants to bother with mods, since Badspot is still comming out with updates.

Yeah, mod really wouldn't be worth it anyway. Maybe an in-game map or something, but once you get used to the land, it's not really needed.