Author Topic: Torus Trooper and Tumiki Fighters  (Read 1306 times)

Torus Trooper:

You control a small ship in a infinitely long pipe while being shot at by hundreds of enemies while going 4000 KPH
Z fires a weak laser, but you speed up while using it
X charges a powerful laser that destroys projectiles and enemies, but you slow down while using
Standard WASD controls otherwise

In action:

Tumiki Fighters:

You control a plane made of building blocks, you're weak and you die in one hit. However, each enemy you kill drops blocks that you pick up and use as armor and use their unique weapons.

In action:

Same controls as Torus Trooper.

Both downloads are here:

Tumiki is being remeade into a Wii game called BlastWorks, and will include Torus Trooper and the original Tumiki Fighters as unlockables.
Also, Kenta Cho is amazing.