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Neko Fight is, surprisingly, not about cats fighting.

Rather, it's about a blue block guy and a yellow block guy battling it with kicks and grabs, trying to force eachother off the edge, sumo wrestling/ crazy smashbros mashup style. Only, in this case, it's TOTALLY PHYSICAL: Blows will realistically send people flying! A well aimed flipkick won't shoot something halfway across the arena, but rather straight into the ground!

Pummel your stupid, Japanese AI opponent in real, physical brilliance!

Arrow Keys: Move around relative to the camera.
Z: Grab the opponent!
X: Swing your left leg!
C: Swing your right leg!


Toribash anyone? :/
And pictures plz.
EDIT: The pictures wouldn't load for a sec.

It's also realtime.

Just try it for yourself.

Nice avatar though Azerath :p

Wall Rape + Head Rape = Blood coming out of ass?

Here's a little snippet of information I found.

Pressing Z and C makes you do a backflip kick.

Face the opposite direction of your opponent and press Z and C when he gets in range: About the length of your body, if not slightly shorter. Stun the enemy by smashing him into the ground, and than finish up with a normal backflip kick.