Author Topic: finally made it!!!  (Read 2268 times)

Im so happy that I finally got the gold hook yesterday! :cookie: :)

For those that dont know, it shoots faster and further and it is more accurate. It also stays hooked way longer and it creates a gold glow around where it hits.

Thats awesome! You must be really talented with a hook. :P

You would have kicked yourself if you'd fallen off just then :)

It would be funny yet sad if a noob foudn out the Ball spell and shot it at you.

If that happened we'd have a new entry in the comedy gallery. and a dead newb.

not just dead, we would have a n00b that is on every wanted list in the history of wanted lists!

Nice job, but...

Isn't that a bit... low?

lol I'm always broke. I never carry gold with me. If i fell i'd take a gun to my head. :)

Its true, badspot once said...
You guys fail at depth perception.

It was adressed at me because my post didn't make much sense, but it was actually made as a response to someone's post about a starring at a blank screen. I meant "If he is starring at a blank screen, then why is it casting a glow on his face." My mistake for not quoting or typing clearly. But I don't see how depth perception has anything to do with this, as the location of the golden hook is fairly obvious.

its been awhile since ive played aot could somone tell me where the gold hook is any way?

hey i got the gold hook too...
i was the first one to get it, not counting rotondo the almighty one and badspot the moderator

lol I know I was there. You got it when the hook still killed. :)