Author Topic: game idea, is it good?  (Read 806 times)

well last night i was thinking of a dungeon crawler to make, and i want to know if its a good idea or not:

(note this was jobbed down last night in my note to self file, so it might have grammar mistakes in it)
make this D Crawer!:
Chi system, physic and mentel Chi used for special attacks, get diffrent Chi depending on how you play
Mentel Health, lowers as you attack, get damaged, or just walk around, restore by napping
Angry/Calm Emote system, Shift towards angry as attacks miss/you get hurt, while attacks hitting and getting into less battles shift towards clam, angry makes the game speed riase and your attacks miss more and do mor damige, clam slows down the speed while attacks well hit more likey but do less damige
what d'ya think?

also, if i get good votes then i might need a team (for music, sprites, etc, NOT coding!)
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