Author Topic: Minesweeper on expert.  (Read 1332 times)

Bisjac's record time: 98 seconds

i use a special (crappy) ball mouse JUST for playing minesweeper.
i double click, and use dual clicking.
and i ONLY flag the bombs that are actually needed.
I know all 23 of minesweeper's psudo-patterns. and can identify and use them in miliseconds when they come up.

eat it, stupid halo generation gamers

world record at 44 seconds. still trying
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Nice :D

Is the a guide to these 23 groupings?

yes you can find em all over.
the most common one:
the 2,1,2 pattern.

you would likely assume the middle one is the bomb, but it NEVER EVER EVER IS!!!!!! its a sick game microsoft is playing. but there are patterns to learn. things that should be random but actually are not.

in any game i play, i only really have to take a real guess 1 or 2 times. i can find every bomb usually.

The world record is 44 seconds? Damn, my grandfather has a score for 48 seconds last time I checked.