Author Topic: Anyone wanna make a big build with me?  (Read 2255 times)

Not gonna tell what it is...But wed be starting from scratch...Anyone interested?

This would be in RTB, in a private server.
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In Vanilla Blockland? Sounds good.

In Vanilla Blockland? Sounds good. vanilla BL v.002? lol

I think he's using RTB Mocheeze.

i'll build with ya.. i'm not very well known so its up to you.

id also build with u cause spaceomega is cool :cookie:

I wish I could post some of my big builds recently... I was sick so had nothing better to do. Sadly I forgot to build them in RTB not TBM... :( 
(TBM stuff can't be posted now)

id also build with u cause spaceomega is cool :cookie:

 :cookie: :cookie: for you lol

When shall we have this build? Im thinking this weekend? anyone who wants to join, post here and i will PM the info

I would so build with you Space!  :cookieMonster: :cookie: Count Me In!
Lets have it Friday cuz I gotta go somewhere on Saturday and Sunday.
 :cookieMonster: :cookie:
EDIT: Recently RTB has been glitching out on me. I deleted all DSO files.
I tried reinstalling.
Sorry but I dont think I can play even Vanilla Blockland anymore. :(
Recent Edit: I can play Vanilla Blockland.
If we do build it in just Vanilla, then I will build with ya  :cookieMonster: :cookie:
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^Re-install time.

Errr... Just call me on MSN if you want me to help.