Author Topic: Vanilla BL Server (Please Look)  (Read 1563 times)

I will be hosting a Vanilla Blockland server for people who want to have some un-noobish good times :)


Server Name:
BL Retro Build

PS: Free  :cookie: for your  :cookieMonster: if you come :)

i know, heres pics for current happenings:

sorry cos theyr so large

I think the server crashed.

Ok, it's 3:30 AM, time for me to go to sleep, and the server just crashed again. Later Nige, I had a good time. Poor Shadic was just trying to build while we messed around with the water, haha!

you goto admit, that quicksand was pretty loving class :)

aahwell, poor shadic :)

Yeah, the quicksand was great.

ok, no one more came, so im shutting the server down :)