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Despite the horrendously gay name, the game IS NOT crappy.

Except for the 2D graphics, which is done well gives it a nostalgic feel.

Actually, I can sum it up in a single sentence.

Final Fantasy meets Monster Rancher meets Secret of Evermore meets Online Play


A full blown pet system that you can access right from the start of the game; EVERYTHING is a mount! Including other humans!

A large manufacturing and synthesis (read: random combination) system

A nice change to traditional battle systems: Final Fantasy 3/4/5 style battles? In an MMO? Awesome!


Oh, didn't know it was already out/in closed beta.

Btw, how are the controls? Do you use the mouse to click or can you use the keyboard? Nonetheless, I'll try this out and see if I like it. I've been looking for a good game to play for quite a while.

You can move around and get into fights with the keyboard and the mouse, but the mouse does the rest.

Also, random battles are evil.

Where do I get the code to activate the game? I'm at a loss.
Apparently I already have a really old IGG account, probably from signing up to that pirate game. :D

Get an activation code there, than manual patch, than go to the game's main directory and use "alogin" to get into the game.

monster rancher!!!!

*inserts  a backstreet boys cd*
*a filur cat was born!*

Horrible game, in my opinion. The potential is there, but it's just so UNFINISHED. For example:

-You can ride people
-Very laggy battle starts
-Generally horrendous graphics
-No tutorial what so ever. Seriously.

I think if they can just polish it off a bit more, I'll give it another go.

Ew, it's point and click.